What to Pay For When Receiving Dental Implants

Patients can receive dental implants for all kinds of necessities. However, they do have to pay plenty of money for such a quality product. Patients have to take a careful look at what the Dental Implant Advisory suggests prices might be like.

Reviewing the Area

First, a full review has to be used on a patient before such an implant can be fitted. There are many costs that come with this part of a review:

  • A consultation should be used to determine how well a person can receive such an implant. Fortunately, a consultation will be available for free in most cases.
  • An appropriate CT scan is needed to determine if the gums have the bone structure for an implant. It may cost about £200 for getting this part of the process covered.
  • X-rays may also be used for analyzing the bone structure. This could cost £50 to get.

Extraction Procedures

Sometimes a tooth extract procedure has to be used in order to create some sense of support for the implant. It may cost as many as £100 just to get this part of the process taken care of.

Costs of the Implant Itself

The implant itself will require a number of materials to make it all fit in well. These will include a number of costs to go with them all:

The actual implant often costs closer to £500.
An abutment will be added to where the implant can meet up with the base in the gums. This will be about half the cost of the actual implant in most cases.
The crown for setting up the implant may also cost hundreds of pounds. It will cost even more if it is made of a durable zirconium material. Porcelain is usually a hundred pounds less in value than zirconium.

What about Grafting?

Bone grafting is not always required with receiving dental implant. However, it is a necessity if there has to be some kind of bone structure added to the area where the implant will be in. This may cost close to a thousand pounds to use due to the intensive procedure for getting such a graft set up.

It is going to cost plenty of money just to receive one of these dental implants. The cost should be worth it when the benefits that come with the implant are put into consideration.