Put Protein Rich Eggs on Your Shopping List

All of us need protein and the best place to get that protein is from an egg. There are so many things that can be done with an egg. It doesn’t require any expertise in the kitchen and creating healthy egg-based meals that your family will appreciate is simple.

Make the Time
People are getting lazy; the popularity of supermarkets and their processed food alternatives have reduced the number of people who buy fresh food and enjoy its preparation in the kitchen. We justify this by pointing to the hectic lifestyles that we lead. Everyone is in a rush and the number of times the family actually sits down together to eat has reduced.

Children are just as busy as the grownups and need delivering to sports or music practice, to their friend’s house or library. Parents are usually the designated driver and are also expected to feed their kids whenever they’re hungry. Is there any wonder that a packet from the freezer and the microwave is a popular choice?

Junk and Fizz
It is an unfortunate fact of the developed world that there is a tendency to consume too much fat in junk food and certainly take in too much sugar in everything from fizzy drinks, processed sauces and soups as well as sweets and snacks.Put Protein Rich Eggs on Your Shopping ListIf you read this and see yourself in the image it portrays, then you should consider a protein food diet that has a whole range of delicious foods with natural herbs and spices to provide all the flavours you need. If you currently buy canned soup, stop immediately, because it is inevitably full of sugar. Buy your own vegetables and make your own; you certainly won’t need to add any sugar.

A Big Breakfast
If you buy liquid egg whites for your cooking that is a good start because whites are full of protein. Eggs for breakfast are fine; it does not mean you need to have bacon, lashings of butter on white bread and sugar in your coffee. A lunchtime salad with hardboiled egg, perhaps some chicken breast and none of the dressing will keep everyone nourished until the evening.

If your children are active, they will get protein and hence plenty of stamina from their eggs. Forget the supposed energy drinks that major corporations market aggressively. There are natural things that will improve the health of your family but you will all need to buy into the idea.

You really ought not to miss anything unless you have a particularly sweet tooth. Perhaps your steak need not be quite as big and the homemade sauce you conjure up will have fewer calories, but no one should leave the table needing to grab a snack from the fridge. Don’t put anything in there in the early days of your changing the family’s diet and in time they won’t even look.

Understanding Compounding Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy compounding is the preparation of personalized drugs for patients. The word “compounding” simply means mixing specific ingredients in the right dosage to meet a patient’s medication requirements. This type of individualized drug preparation comes in handy in cases where a patient may require a drug that pharmaceuticals no longer manufacture or a child may require a flavored medication to make it easy to take.

Regulation of Compounding Pharmacists

The mixing and preparation of this type of drugs takes place at a compounding pharmacy. Such a pharmacy must comply with strict regulations and standards set by bodies such as the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). This shows that the pharmacy employs trained pharmacists, sources drug ingredient from FDA registered facilities, and complies with PCAB’s quality control and assurance standards.

FDA Approval of Compounded Drugs

Although compounding pharmacies may have to comply with certain FDA regulations, the agency does not necessarily approve the drugs they prepare. According to the FDA, it does not verify the effectiveness, quality, or safety of such drugs. Nevertheless, pharmacies that compound drugs must comply with regulations set out in section 503 of the FDCA. This means that compounding pharmacies cannot use misleading statements or wordings when labeling the drugs they prepare. In fact, misbranding is a federal offence that can attract stiff fines and long jail terms. In addition, each state’s pharmacy board has the responsibility of carrying out day to day oversight of these pharmacies.Understanding Compounding Pharmacy ServicesBenefits of Using Compounding Pharmacy Services

Firstly, it is easy to combine various medications into a single dosage making it convenient and easy to use. Secondly, people who are allergic to certain medications can get allergen free drugs. Thirdly, individually tailored drugs are unlikely to produce serious side effects in patients. Fourthly, healthcare providers can prescribe specific and exact dosages instead of commercially available drugs that may not meet the desired dosage strength. Fifthly, it is easy to prepare medications that meet the individual preferences of children as well as adults. For instance, a compounding pharmacy can prepare liquid medication for a child who is unable to swallow pills. A compounding pharmacist can also prepare medications in gel, cream, injectable solution, capsule, or rectal suppository form.

Overall, if you or a loved one requires drugs in a dosage that is not commercially available, you should visit a compounding pharmacy. A well-trained pharmacist will be able to prepare the right mix of drug ingredients in a form that suits your preferences. The good news is pharmacy boards at the state level and bodies such as the PCAB provide oversight on compounding pharmacists