Green Coffee: Does it Really Help You Lose Weight?

If you have been struggling with weight loss for any amount of time, you already know that there are a variety of pills on the market that simply do not do the job. Fortunately, you stumbled across someone talking about the benefits of green coffee, which brought you here. Though green coffee has been around virtually forever, health and nutrition experts are just now exploring the benefits it might have on someone looking to lose weight. Fortunately for everyone, the explorations so far look to be extremely positive.

How Is It Made?

You may be surprised to know that green coffee is not actually made. In fact, it is simply the natural state that most coffee beans are in when you get them from nature. Normally, coffee beans are roasted, which gives them their signature smell and flavor, which so many people have come to recognize and rely on in the morning. When this roasting does not occur though, a powerful antioxidant is left to work its magic.

The Power of Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is naturally occurring in green coffee, but when the beans are roasted it disappears along with the green color. For those interested in weight loss, this is the key ingredient to consider and the prominent reason that green coffee has been recognized for its powerful effects. So, what exactly does chlorogenic acid do?

For starters, chlorogenic acid works to boost your body’s natural metabolism. For many people, a slow metabolism is the number one reason that weight loss is so difficult, so this alone can play a great role in helping you overcome those weight loss challenges and as per you should eat more metabolism boosting foods to fight against slow metabolism. Next, it helps to block carbohydrate absorption, which both boosts energy by immediately using the carbohydrates and prevents weight gain by blocking the carbohydrates from sitting in the body to become fat.

Most important though, chlorogenic acid attacks glycogen, which is stored in most organs to be changed into fat. When it interacts with the glycogen, the chlorogenic acid pushes both compounds into the blood stream. Once again, this increases energy while preventing your body from holding extra fat.

Green Coffee at Premium Natural


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There is little question that green coffee will help you lose weight, but if you want to get the greatest effect you must buy it from a company that stands behind its products. Premium Natural is more than just another supplement pusher; it is a company built for health and fitness conscious individuals. Just be warned: once you start feeling the energy boost from green coffee, you may never want to stop.