Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease involves an increasing disorder of the central nervous system which influenced the movement of the body. As a result of this, the movement of the body gets slows down and becomes stiff. An unnatural tremor in any one hand is a very common symptom of the developing disorder of the central nervous system. A noticeable improvement of the symptoms can be made with the proper medication, but it is not possible to cure Parkinson’s disease completely. Sometimes, some part of the brain is controlled and improvements of the symptoms are possible by following surgery of the brain.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms may be varied according to the person and the symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s disease are listed below.

  • Tremor: Often tremor or shaking starts in hand or finger of a person as the symptom of this disease. The most common symptom is a tremor in hand at the relaxed position. Tremors may be worse at the stage of exciting, tired and stressed.
  • Rigid muscles: In this condition muscles of the body become rigid or stiff which create pain and obstruction to the movement of the muscles. Writing and make eating will be difficult by using cramped muscles.
  • Loss of automatic movements: Some automatic movements of the body, like blinking, smiling, swinging arms at the time of walking etc. are performed unconsciously. The ability of these activities will get reduced.
  • Slowed movement (bradykinesia): While walking your steps will become shorter and the ability of the movement will decrease that will slow down your movement.
  • Impaired posture and balance: Your body balance will be hampered and your posture will be stooped.To make turn or walking will be difficult.
  • Changes of speech: You will have the problem to speak clearly.

Causes of the disease

When persons are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a number of nerve cells are damaged or die. There are several reasons for this disease which are listed below.

  • Genes of the body: It has been identified that the specific mutations of the genes can lead to Parkinson’s disease.
  • Presence of Lewy bodies: When clumps are formed by the specific substances in the brain cells, Parkinson’s disease is caused. These specific substances are called Lewy bodies.
  • Alpha-synuclein is found within Lewy bodies: Scientists has researched that the natural protein named as alpha-synuclein is found in all Lewy bodies in a formation of the clump and which cannot be broken down.

Complications of the disease

Many additional problems are raised with Parkinson’s disease. These problems are given below.

  • Depression and emotional changes: Patients with this disease experience problem to handle the challenges due to depression and they also experience anxiety, fear, demotivation etc.
  • Thinking difficulties: The cognitive problems or dementia and thinking difficulties are experienced by the patient.
  • Sleeping disorder: It includes waking up early in the morning or getting sleep in the daytime, frequently waking throughout the night etc.
  • Problems with bladder: Patients with this disease are unable to control the urination and experience difficulties for urinating.
  • Smell dysfunction: Patients may have problems to identify the difference between odors.

You will be able to get sufficient information about Parkinson’s treatment in India from various medical websites.