A New Treatment Solution For Diabetes Beckons?

Recent data released from CDC seems to suggest that upwards of 29 million US citizens have some form of diabetes. These are particularly worrying statistics, which are expected to grow further in the coming years. Principally, diabetes affects the way that sugars are broken down in the blood of the sufferer. This leads to difficulty in controlling the levels of blood sugar, which can cause dangerous effects for the person. Recent research has found that cannabis can play a part in managing diabetes, according to Cannabis.net. In what way can it help?

Neuropathy is suffered by the vast majority of diabetes sufferers, and is actually one of the hardest side effects to combat. This dysfunction of the nerves within the body can lead to other more serious side effects, such as numbness, muscle weakness and chronic pain.

One of the effects commonly attributed to cannabis is the anti-inflammatory effect that it can exert, as well as the beneficial effect on replacing and preserving nerves. CBD is the known neuroprotective component of cannabis, which is non-psychoactive in nature, making it an ideal treatment method for children.

This means it is important to look for cannabis strains that can reduce Neuropathic pain. You will quickly realise that these strains that can help with this pain are high in CBD. This means the strains we recommend for diabetes tend to be Indicas.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit can offer a limited, but effective euphoric and cerebral enhancement, which is ideal for diabetes sufferers. The effects are also accompanied by a sense of relaxation and contentment, which can limit the effect of the side effects of diabetes. The taste is quite unique, as it has a pleasant sweet and spicy taste. The strain has a high concentration of CBD, thanks to the parent strain Great White Shark.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an excellent Indica strain for the side effects of diabetes. It has an effective high that helps tension and anxiety disappear, providing relief for the user. The strain can offer sedative properties, but doesn’t make you locked to your couch as a result of using the strain. But, it is a great strain to use prior to going to sleep. The concentration of THC is larger than most strains that we would recommend for diabetes, but Northern Lights is an effective reliever of pain and offers excellent anti-inflammatory properties.