Cabbage Soup Diet

The Benefits of cabbage diet

The cabbage soup diet is a short term diet plan that is used to lose weight very quickly and radically. This diet involves the consumption of cabbage soup for a period of time. The cabbage soup is a very low calorie diet. This diet as mentioned before is a short term diet plan and unlike many other diet plans requires no long term commitments. In this diet plan the person is allowed to take as much cabbage soup as he/she wants. The origins of this diet are still unknown. It originated around 1980’s. In some journal it was pointed out that this diet was developed for obese heart patients to lose weight and deal with the complications of being overweight during the time of operation. Medical professionals have been critical of this diet though. Many medical professionals feel that this diet only reduces the water content of the body and hence does not provide a solution to thy problem as the weight could be regained very easily. The diet that is the cabbage soup diet also scores very less on the nutritional content it provides to the dieter.

The fact about cabbage

The dieter is completely off the minimum quantity of nutrients required which makes it very difficult for people to continue with this plan for a long time. Many people have complained of feeling extremely weak and light headed during the dieting phase. Many people also complained if the soups being completely tasteless and some also started feeling nauseous towards the smell of the soup at the end of their diet plans. It has been noted that one of the major side effects of this diet plan is farting. People have over a period of time been complaining of uncontrolled farting. The soup constitution has been changed many times for taste and nutrition and many types of soups are available now.