Deadly Fungi-Infested Training Shoes – The Hidden Menace

Gym is the place where there are every chance for you to get infected with the toenail fungus infection so you need to be cautious when you use the gym shower as this is the perfect spot for the breeding of the fungus and germs.

Though most of the time you will be discussing as to which is the best suitable gym shoe so as to better your performance rather than thinking that this is the very thing that will be a cause for your toenail fungus infection.

As an enthusiastic gym-goer you would never prefer to wear sandals or for that matter flip-flops you would rather choose rubber shoes or training shoes so as to better your performance. Though unknown to you the shoes are the most likely breeding places for these germs or fungi as you may be used to cleaning the outer portion of your shoes with mild detergent and sometimes even with some mild disinfectant but when it comes to cleaning the inner side of the shoes you just ignore it. Sometimes you may disinfect your shoes from the inside but then it could be once a month. But then do you disinfect your shoes everyday? Well the answer would be NO well this becomes a good breeding place for your nail fungus infection.

This is exactly where the toenail fungus knocks you down. You may practice body building but when it comes to body hygiene you still lack behind. The shoes you wear stay on your feet for many hours so don’t you think they need more attention?

Dirty shoes and even worn out shoes are the breeding house for these funguses and don’t protect your feet. Worn out training shoes are believed to be dirtier than the toilet bowl. So just think how much protection does your old training shoe give you?

How to avoid infection?

To prevent nail infection you need to keep the shoes dry especially if you have worn them out as there are many bacteria’s in the surroundings like in the birds feces, etc which you may unknowingly carry with you when you pick up your shoes or your gym bags. Keep the shoes in a different bag if you have used them for running outside so that the infection does not spread. You need to dry your gym shoes for at least 24 hours before you reuse the same shoes as this is the time taken for the sweat to dry up from your shoes and if you want to wear them earlier then you need to expose your shoes to sunlight so that they dry up faster.

Prevention is always better than the cure

There are many nail fungus treatment which are easily available in the market today but then why do you need to get yourself treated for this infection in the first place taking proper care of your feet and fingers will prevent you from getting infected in the first place. The need to follow a good hygiene is important washing your hands and feet with warm soap water and drying them up thorough is a way to prevent the infection. If you do have a fungal infection then soaking your feet in a mixture of vinegar, tea tree oil or Listerine will help prevent further spread of the infection. Though it may take a couple of weeks before you get to see the effects but then they do. The nails will lose its brittleness and there will be signs of remission within a couple of months so try these out and prevent the attack of nail fungus.