How Do HGH Supplements Work

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Yes, before you know how HGH or Human Growth Hormone works you need to know the importance of this hormone in your body. Growth hormones are protein based poly-peptide hormones and its main function is to help the regeneration, reproduction and the stimulation of the cells and various tissues in body. There are about 191 amino acids, which are linked in a single chain like structure and is secreted in the anterior pituitary glands and stored in somatotroph cells.

Somatotropin is also referred to as HGH. This hormone is produced naturally in the humans as well as animals. Many a replacements treatments or therapies with the help of HGH have shown good results with respect to controlling the ageing process as well as maintaining the weight of the body.

What are the effects of HGH?

HGH is the main hormone that works towards building up the entire tissue structure of the body. They act like receptors on the cell surface like any other hormones in the body.

Effects of HGH are clearly visible when you see a remarkable increase in the height of children as they grow into adolescents. HGH is known stimulate mainly in two ways: 1) by the stimulation of cell division as well as multiplication of chondrocyte cartilage and by stimulating the insulin production which helps in the growth factor.

Furthermore they help in the retention of calcium level in the body thus strengthening and increasing the bone mineralization. They also help in increasing the muscle mass, helps lipolysis, synthesis of protein in the body, stimulates the growth of each and every internal organs other than the brain, reduces the glucose intake in the liver, helps stimulate the immunity system of the body.

You can buy HGH supplements either with prescription or without prescription. HGH supplements helps burn the extra body fats, improves the texture of the skin, enhances the muscle tone and most important it helps increase the energy level in the body by increasing the metabolic activities of the body.

These supplements are known to enhance the secretion of the HGH in the anterior pituitary glands naturally. Homeopathic medication contains small amounts of HGH thus providing the body with the required amino acids which in turn help increase the metabolic activities of the body.

HGH supplements can be injected into the blood stream or by stimulating the anterior pituitary glands to secrete more HGH in the body naturally. HGH is also known as a messenger hormone as it helps to stimulate the production of other hormones in the body which are essential for the working of the body organs.

Deficiency of HGH leads to ageing and using HGH supplements helps increase the level of HGH in the body thus preventing age related problems. Exercises, healthy diet, ample of sleep, healthy lifestyle and the HGH supplements will help you from ageing and help you retain the youthful looks for a longer period of time along with increasing the immunity system of the body thus helping your body to fight against diseases.