How is pulsatile tinnitus treated?

Tinnitus is the ability of the human brain to comprehend as there exists noise that is ringing in your ear constantly. Sometimes it is really loud and annoying. In some cases, due to the constant ringing noise, you will lose hearing. It is really hard to hear the voices when you have tinnitus. Pulsatile tinnitus is another type of tinnitus in which you will listen to noises like any real sound. If you have pulsatile tinnitus, you will listen to the blood circulation in arteries and veins, which is present around your ear or in the ear. You can also hear your pulses that are why it is called pulsatile tinnitus.

For the treatment of the pulsatile tinnitus first, you have to detect or study symptoms and causes of this disease.

Main symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus:–

  • The first and main symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus are the ringing of the noise in your ear, which is created by electrical signals received by your ear, then ear will transfer the message to your brain for amplifying the sound.
  • At times you may also feel lightheaded sometimes.
  • The loud noise existence often leads to an extreme headache.

Main causes of pulsatile tinnitus:–

The main cause of this tinnitus is high blood pressure. High blood pressure will increase the speed of your blood in your arteries and veins. Because of the high speed, it will constantly be hitting on walls of the arteries, and it will make a sound that will affect your hearing.

How is pulsatile tinnitus treated?

According to the study, it is proved you can not fully cure this tinnitus, but you can reduce the intensity of noise, which is ringing in your ear. You can try many ways to reduce the severity of noise. At some point, you have to change your lifestyle and your diet.

Following are some ways to control pulsatile tinnitus –

  • First, you have to control your blood pressure because this is the main cause of pulsatile tinnitus. For the normal blood pressure, you have to eat low sodium food, you have to do regular exercise, and you have to avoid smoking.
  • If you have the blockage in arteries or veins because of this, you will have high blood pressure. Therefore, you have to do surgery and operations for removing the blockage in arteries. When you study the symptoms and causes of this tinnitus, then you have to do the respective treatment.

All these treatments will reduce the noise, which is ringing in your ear. After these treatments, you will live a less stress-free life.