Medication Overuse

A medicine overuse headache (MOH) knows how to happen. To keep missing from a chronic headache you must get relieve of one cause of cruel headache-overmedication.

The overuse of medicine can increase symptoms of headache is normally referred as medicine overuse headache (MOH). One of the reasons of medication overuse is the precise dose of medicine, after which symptoms of remedy overuse will rise is not known. These disorders of remedy overuse can comprise get better headache and drug-induced headache.

  • People with medicine overuse headache uses ineffective remedy.
  • These remedy include acetaphenomin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), caffeine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, triptans and ergotamins.
  • Even though triptamins and ergotamine are used for treating migraine, might be a reason medicine overuse headaches.
  • Headaches are generally uninteresting, one-sided or two-sided.
  • Headaches can happen daily or approximately daily.
  • Individual in 50 people can increase the problem in at slightest one time in their life
  • The probabilities of medicine overuse headache happen in women are 5-9 times than men.
  • Medicine does to excess headache increase only if you take painkillers for headache or migraine and if you take painkiller for some extra problem, then medicine overuse headache does not increase.


For your physician, it is essential to know, whether the patient is distress from medicine overuse headache or any extra form of headache or migraine.

  • Medicine over use headache can happen in people taking failed medicines for at least two to three days a week and for several weeks.
  • People having a history of migraine or other headache troubles are extra possible to be affected by abortive remedy.
  • A current study shows that people with medicine overuse headache have low level of serotonin and as the headache decrease, the serotonin stage goes up. Thus medicine overuse reduces serotonin impairing inherent pain accent.
  • Physical element of medicine overuse headache (dull, one-sided or two-sided, intense or dim), frequency of headache (how various times a week, frequency and harshness in excess of time) and medicine should be evidently examined by the physician.
  • The physical assessment must also comprise the connected symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, remembrance problem, complexity in focused and restlessness and combroid circumstances including tension-type headache or misery.


  • Analysis is a significant aspect and must be provided by the doctors to the patients.
  • Doctors must discover out reason of all disorders, whether medicine overuse or additional type of migraine disorder must be explained to the patients.
  • Doctor must talk about the plan to stop the remedy through patients.