Overview of MaleExtra Ingredients

The MaleExtra product provides phenomenal results to men. That is because it has in it a combination of ingredients that work together to provide you with lasting results.


The list of MaleExtra ingredients is smaller than other product ingredient lists. Each one of the components of this formula provides its own traits and offers its own list of benefits.

Pomegranate – A 70% ellagic grade of this fruit is present in this product. A total of 500mg of this fruit per dosage is supplied. This fruit is thought to be a “natural Viagra.” It helps increase nitric oxide and maintains blood vessels. It also helps boost sex drive.

L-arginine -This is an essential amino acid that helps produce the same agent as is present in pomegranate-nitric oxide. This substance helps produce hard erections as it dilates blood vessels and sends blood to penile tissue.

Muira Pauma – This substance helps sex drive and provides harder erections. It also increases frequency of sex and intensifies libido. It also increases the chance of having morning erections.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) – If a man wants to improve his overall sexual health this product that has MSM in it helps restore cell walls so fluids that need to pass through them can do so more easily. This substance can also repair worn or damaged joint cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. In the process, new cells are produced.

Epimedium Sagittatum – Icarin is the compound present in Epimedium. It works very similarly to the way that Viagra works. It relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow to the end of the penis.

Tongkat Ali 20:1 extract – This potent substance increases sexual desire, libido, and sexual performance. It also helps treat erectile dysfunction. It has historically been used by Malaysian men for many, many years. It works by increasing testosterone in the male body.

Flaxeed – The fatty acids present in this small seed help enhance male fertility. It keeps sperm healthy and improves blood flow to the penis. It also corrects impotence problems. In addition, it helps prevent prostate swelling and inflammation.

Maca – In the country of Peru, the use of this plant source is used as an aphrodisiac. Sexual function and energy is increased in order to help a person enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. It is used by both sexes for enhancement of pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore, it seemed fitting to include it in MaleExtra.

L-Methionine – It is very important for maintaining cellular energy. It often works well in conjunction with Glycine to form a substance called Creatine. This is what produces energy needed to contract and expand muscles in order to maintain high energy and stamina.

Cordyceps – In a double-blind study, this substance was proved to significantly improve sexual function. 65% of users experienced a noticeable improvement in performance. It helps relax the muscles of the penis and helps increase blood flow.

Omega 3 – This fatty acid has plenty of benefits. For one, it helps regulate the production of hormones, which are in part responsible for healthy sexual functioning. It also helps keep the heart healthy, which also is important if you want to have a satisfying sex life.