Ways to Avoid Sleeping Late Due to Excessive Phone Use

There are times when you couldn’t sleep at night. Instead of forcing yourself to sleep, you end up getting your phone and playing with it. Before you know it, it’s already beyond your sleep time. You will wake up late the next day and not get sufficient sleep. You can’t stay this way forever, and it will adversely affect your health. The worst part about using your phone during sleep time is that it tells your brain that it’s not yet time to sleep. Therefore, instead of using your phone to feel sleepy, you don’t feel that way anymore. Use these tips to avoid using your phone at night.

Don’t keep it in your bedroom

You have to leave your phone outside the bedroom. It prevents you from being tempted to use it. You won’t hear notifications too. If it’s time for bed, you have to say goodbye to your phone. Leave it in your living room or even charge it there overnight. The usual excuse is that you’re using your phone as an alarm clock. The best option is to use a real alarm clock so that you don’t have to use your phone.

Set a limit when working

If it’s time for you to sleep, you have to stop working. It doesn’t matter if you still have a lot of tasks to finish. You can continue working on whatever pending tasks you have the next day. You have to maintain this routine, or else it will be difficult for you to sleep. Your work can wait, but your body can’t break its cycle.

Find other things to do to help you sleep

You can read a book or play a card game. You can also play a mental game. Find ways to feel sleepy without using your phone. You can also buy a sound system that plays relaxing music that will help you fall asleep faster.

Try to relax your mind 

You find it difficult to sleep because you have a lot to think about. Make sure that you relax your mind, especially if it’s close to bedtime. You can even stop working on anything an hour before you sleep, so when it’s time to rest you can do it with ease. You can try meditation and other mindfulness activities too. In doing these activities, you forget about using your phone to rest.

Protect yourself

If you still find it difficult to limit your screen time, you can at least protect yourself from radiation. Make sure that you use EMF protection so that it blocks radiation from harming your body. You can find EMF protection in the form of jewellery or a stone that you can place in your bag. It helps limit the entry of radiation in your body. You can bring this protective device with you wherever you go since you always use your gadget.

With these tips, you can rest well at night and stay healthy. You need to remain disciplined and maintain a routine