What You Can Really Expect from Your Very Own Personal Trainer

Some of us have the mistaken impression that the term ‘personal trainer’ is only for those who are celebrities or the rich and famous. But personal trainers have already become a standard even for ordinary individuals, especially if we are geared towards being more physically fit and healthy and strong. And mind you, a personal trainer isn’t just a heavily muscled individual (male or female) who will shout at you like a drill sergeant until you finish your push-ups or spend an hour on that treadmill, either – they are actually highly skilled at what they do, and they can be the best ally in your quest to be in your best physical health. But if you are wondering how a personal trainer can help you, here’s what you can really expect from your very own personal trainer.

Discuss your requirements and make an assessment of your condition

A personal trainer is entirely focused on helping you achieve your goals, and the only way they can do this is by learning more about what you really want and what you can actually do. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, become more flexible, become stronger, and so on, your personal trainer is there to assess you and find a way to help you achieve and reach your objectives. Your personal trainer will make an assessment of your condition and the fitness level you currently have, and they will also take into account whatever physical constraints, past injuries, or medical conditions you may have. They will also check the composition of your body and your weight, and they can also ask you to do endurance and strength tests to determine your fitness level.

Determine your short- and long-term goals

Your personal trainer will also make sure to ask you about your short- and long-term goals. They will then set these goals in order to encourage you on your physical fitness path. Short-term goals can include measurable and tangible items such as losing a particular number of pounds, increasing your weight-lifting capability, or toning up certain areas of your body in a few weeks. Long-term goals, on the other hand, include achieving a specific weight loss, achieving strength or flexibility, or improving your general health after a year or even maintaining good health throughout your lifetime.

Create a customised plan

Once you have been able to determine your short- and long-term goals, your personal trainer can then create a customised plan for you. They can, for instance, come up with a mix of exercises such as running, using elliptical machines or the treadmill, or walking, and they will mix this with some strength training. Some personal trainers can also include sports in your plan or Pilates or yoga classes, spin classes, and the like. Along with this, you may be able to expect a specific nutritional plan to go in conjunction with your fitness training.

Encourage and motivate

Last – but certainly not the least – your personal trainer is there to encourage and motivate you to do your best and not give up. They are the best cheerleader on your journey, after all, and they can help you go beyond your limits and make exercising a truly fun and interesting endeavour.